Precious Metals

Since the dawn of time gold, silver, copper, platinum and palladium have been known to be valuable; their high value can be attributed to their rarity. Since these metals are expensive and not easy to mine, they are appreciated by industries and investors alike. The stable nature of these precious metals makes them the biggest assets of our financial market. They are unaffected by market fluctuations, economic instability, and even political effects. Most experienced traders confidently trade in gold and silver because it is the best investment to upgrade their portfolio. Master ECN offers the best place to trade metals online, easily and seamlessly. Our transaction costs are minimal since we charge no exchange or clearing fees.  Daily market analysis by our financial experts is delivered to your inbox so you can get the necessary insight in order to make informed decisions. You can pick from a variety of account options, from beginner level to professional level accounts.

We offer high leverage up to 1:500, meaning a traders’ buying power is increased 500 times allowing even small investors to trade alongside the big ones.

In addition to high leverage, we also offer very tight spreads which means lower initial trading costs and better profits.

The Forex market offers extended and flexible hours for trade: you can trade any time of the day which means you can use our trading services 24 hours a day, 5 days a weeks.

Experience Transparent Trading

True ECN Environment with tight spreads and low commission