UK-offshore company

UK-Offshore company formation

Overview of UK limited company

The United Kingdom provides various channel for company formation used for many sidedness business ventures.The Private Limited Company under the regulations of UK Companies Act.  It is an almost all extensively used widely out of all company categories.Nevertheless the UK is a nation that has long-established business regulations excessive tax environments.

Advantage of Established Limited Company in UK 

  • Single Company ownership is Available.
  • UK Private limited Company has organized share owner conflict resolution line of actions.
  • Simple process to interchangeable ownership of shares.
  • National Insurance benefits.
  • Limited liability gives reputation to distributor and client from lucidity of the company systems.
  • Business expenses clam against tax.

Requirements for UK Company Registration

To open a company in the UK, you must first register the company in the UK with the following mandatory details.

  • Certified copy of passport
  • Names and details of directors
  • Details of shareholders and share capital
  • Registration fee
  • The Company’s name (4 to 5 name for name approval).
  • Articles of Association and Company Memorandum for Branch company.

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